Welcome to Biketober

If the bike is the answer, what is the question? That is what we will be asking this Biketober. All month at the shop, we are going to ask folks why they think the bike is the answer. We’ll put them on the wall and collect as many questions as we can! Swing by one of our many events or volunteer opportunities to add your reason!

Yep, October is Biketober and we are filling the calendar again! Here is the initial schedule of events, but we will be adding to them throughout the month. Please stay tuned!

October 2: Athens in Motion Pack the Room

October 4: Tobias’s birthday FYOB

October 12: Georgia Bike Summit Opening Night Ride /Party

October 12-14: Georgia Bike Summit

October 26: Joy Ride! (Leaving from 1075 W. Broad Street)

October 27: Wild Rumpus

October 28: Delta Delta Die IV Ralley Cat