BikeAthens hopes to build support for positive change but to do so we need your help. You can assist us by becoming a member, fixing bikes, volunteering to help stage an event, joining one of our listservs, displaying maps at your business, or simply promoting our organization by applying a sticker. Please contact us if you would like to volunteer.

Here are some specific volunteer opportunities we have coming up.  For more information or to sign up, contact

Bicycle Recycling Program

Every Monday and Wednesday 6-8:30pm, Tuesday 10:00-12:30pm, and Sunday 2-4:30pm.
New volunteers encouraged to attend on Wednesdays.

Transportation Policy Committee

Forming Athens’ Complete Streets Policy and coalition now.  Seeking long term volunteers.  We meet on various days, in downtown Athens.  Contact executive directly for schedule.

Group Ride

Wanna be a Ride Captain?  Scheduled the last Friday of each month, 6:00pm until approximately 6:45/7:00pm, outside of daylight savings time.  We typically meet at City Hall, though occasionally we start at other locations.

Other Tabling Opportunities

Stay tuned…