Navigating the Tate Center

Since 2003, there have been 14 car-bike collisions at the intersection of Lumpkin and the Tate Center parking lot. In raw numbers, the intersection is one of the most crash-prone in all of Georgia. So far, the car driver was at fault in all 14 reported accidents. 11 times the driver turned right in front of a cyclist riding in the bike lane (we call it a “right hook”). Twice the driver turned left in front of a cyclist riding in the bike lane (“left-hook”). Once, a passenger exiting a stopped vehicle opened a car door in front of a cyclist riding in the bike lane. First, drivers heading down Lumpkin should always check the bike lane for fast moving bikes in the bike lane. Riding downhill, cyclist may be travelling a fast as a car, and their position in the bike lane may put them in a blind spot. Quickly double checking the bike lane can prevent a nasty crash.

While faultless, there are still techniques cyclists can use to reduce the chance of being hit. We are currently making a short video to demonstrate safe riding techniques unique to Lumpkin. In the meantime, these slides will give you primer on confidently descending Lumpkin: Lumpkin-Up-and-Down-Hill