Reports from local law enforcement and the community indicate bike thefts are increasing in Athens and on the UGA campus. Please be mindful of where and how you secure your bike, and read up on bike security tips. Know how to properly lock your bike: 1) tight U-Locks are best;  2) if possible, also lock the wheels with a cable; 3) locking to a rack is the most secure option.  Be alert if locking to non-traditional items. Thieves have been known to cut through insecure street signs, mail boxes, and fences, or they lift your bike and lock up over the parking meter.  Also: keep recent photos of your bike, and note the make, model, color(s) and especially the serial number. It is much easier for the police to return your bike if you have the serial number!

Bike Security Goldilocks (pun intended).  Click through images to see best–and worst–practices!