Moving on up!

Y’all may have heard rumors recently that BikeAthens is on the move–now it’s official! After 8 great years in the Chase Street Warehouses, BikeAthens and the Bike Recycling Program are moving to 1075 Broad Street! More excitingly, we’ll be sharing the building with board member, and friend of the program, Pedal Driven Cycles (and we may also add a few other office-mates shortly).  Our new space will be home to the BRP shop & warehouse, and we will move the BikeAthens offices, to unify all our programs under one roof.   This allows us to create a central BikeAthens location, be more open to the public & volunteers, and host more educational classes & community events!   We are really stoked about the opportunities provided by our new location, but moving will not be easy!  Our tasks (many happening simultaneously):

  1. Prep our new space–clean out some weird clutter left by the previous tenants (baseball bats, bumpers, spark plugs), paint, and build  office space.
  2. Start triaging the current space in preparation for the physical move.
  3. Actually move all the bikes, stands, tools, parts, desks, and other related materials
  4. Set up the new space
  5. Celebrate and thank everyone who helped us move (more on “helping” part in a second ;-)
  6. Get back to work!

Clearly, this is a big project and we will need the help of the community to pull this off.   We aim to move-in as close to June 1 as possible, but the work will come in fits and starts; most likely with a couple of “all-hands-on-deck” days.  We’ve added a volunteer sign-up sheet below, with the tasks are delineated by your potential availability: 9-5, Weekends, Evenings, and “Any-Time.” As you can see, the sheets do not create an obligation for a specific date; they merely share your contact information and general availability with us.  As we create a more specific schedule, we’ll email you directly with specific times and tasks.  For example, if we plan to do some painting on a Tuesday night, we can email everyone on the “Evenings” and “Any Time” lists to let them know where and when we’ll be rolling up our sleeves!  Thank you all so much!