Holding Ourselves Accountable

The summer of 2020 has laid bare wide-ranging, deeply systemic racism and bigotry, and the world of bicycling has its fair share. For a primer:

For a deeper dive:

BikeAthens recognizes that we play a part in this system, from the inherent bias in how we attract board members and volunteers, to purchasing parts and supplies from an exploitative and exclusive supply chain. We intend to hold ourselves accountable, and this is not the end of the discussion, but the beginning. Here are some of our first steps:

  1. We have already donated $500 to The Professional Bicycle Mechanics BIPOC UBI Scholarship fundraiser. We encourage you to donate as well, and we strongly encourage eligible folx to apply (applications are now open).
  2. We will use the discussion around the issues above as an opportunity to be more introspective and seek feedback about how our organization can be more inclusive in all of our activities.
  3. We will encourage the entire Athens bike community to think about what they can do to make our part of the bicycling world more inclusive. Please go back to the top of the post and dive into those links.