Since 2013, BikeAthens has partnered with Athens-Clarke County Municipal Court to offer a Ticket Diversion education class for people on bike. If a person receives a traffic ticket—bikes are vehicles—the rider may qualify for ticket diversion. If so, the person ticketed may register ($30) to take an hour long bike safety course in lieu of paying the full fine of the ticket.

The BikeAthens Bicycle Safety Class covers the three main areas of bicycle safety: bike-specific traffic laws, safe cycling techniques, and helmet safety. In the Bicycle Laws section of the course, we discuss the most pertinent state and local bicycle laws. Our course supplements the legal discussion with pictures and graphics to explain how the laws apply to various real world situations. In the Safe Cycling Techniques section, the course focuses on situations unique to urban cycling, and we explain the safest ways to navigate these situations. Here, our instructors use examples from local Athens streets to demonstrate how riders can establish safe cycling habits when biking around town. In the last section, the BikeAthens course will examine helmet safety, particularly, proper helmet fit.

At the end of the course, every participant will receive a bike laws / bike safety handout to keep as a as a reference. Every Bike Course attendee will also receive a copy of the BikeAthens map. The BikeAthens map color codes local roads to highlight low-stress routes: low-speed roads, bike lanes, and multi-use paths. It also labels local bus stops to make it easier to plan multi-modal trips.


  • The course is held at the Municipal Court the third Friday of every month at 2:00 p.m.
  • Anyone arriving late to the Bicycle Safety Course may be turned away and be required to attend the next available program.
  • You must show a valid photo ID when signing in at the program.

Outreach Programs

As part of our relationship with Governor’s Office of Highway Safety, we are reaching out to educate the community about the importance of bicycle safety. In addition to the program we provide for the Municipal Court, we’ve also developed courses for schools, university groups, and the general public. For more information about our courses, or to schedule a bicycle safety presentation, please contact us.