Traffic Skills 101

Become a confident city rider—our flagship Traffic Skills 101 class will teach you all the skills you need to become a more empowered bike rider. We have the all day Traffic Skills 101 class to cover everything from making sure your bike fits, to fixing a flat, to navigating a multi-lane intersection. This class is perfect for ready to take a deep dive into the ocean of bike knowledge. Traffic Skills 101 includes both classroom activities and on-bike drills. Given the breadth, depth, and length of the class, we do not offer it on a regular basis

How to Bike, Athens

Of course, we also offer a shorter classes to fit around hectic schedules. These shorter classes condense the “need-to-knows” into quicker, more flexible units. How to Bike, Athens emphasizes the information most needed to make riding around town more enjoyable.  We may also use these classes to highlight and practice key on-bike skills.  How to Bike, Athens classes are perfect for those looking to explore more of Athens by bike.

Upcoming Classes

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