Biking is a great way for kids to stay active and practice responsibility. Bike “rodeos” provide a safe, structured environment for kids to learn about and practice safe bike riding skills. The eight stations of a traditional bike rodeo cover helmet safety, proper clothing, basic bike maintenance (enough, at least, to identify a problem), proper signaling, and essential bike handling skills. After demonstrating their knowledge, the kids receive a fun certificate of completion. All of our rodeo stations and drills are designed by a certified cycling instructor. The children are not exposed to traffic. We design our rodeos to help beginner riders.

Host a Bike Rodeo

We partner with local schools, Cub Scouts, Farmer’s Markets, and others to host about five rodeos every year. If you are interested in organizing a bike rodeo for your neighborhood, school, or organization, please use this form to request more information.

For Kids 13 and Up

By law, in Georgia, kids 13 and over are not allowed to ride on the sidewalk. We recommend kids 13-18 sign-up for our Traffic Skills 101 (and they must take the class with an adult).