BikeAthens Headquarters

It’s only been about 10 days since we sealed the deal to move the BRP shop and BikeAthens HQ into 1075 West Broad, but we’ve accomplished a ton of work in that time.  Our wonderful BRP volunteers disassembled the existing, dilapidated office, creating 0.85 tons of “garbage burritos.” A process that also uncovered a pair of sandals, half a cricket bat, two baseball bats, and a load of old car keys.  In its place, we are slowly building up the new BikeAthens HQ.

Measure twice…

For the first time since its founding, BikeAthens and the BikeRecycling Program will be under the same roof.  We will now have enough space to host meetings, full bike-safety education classes, repair workshops, and social gatherings (for example, the upcoming move-in / thank you party.)  This new space will more firmly tie us to the community, and it allows us to open our doors to you–our members and supporters!
With all our progress, there is still a lot left to do fully maximize the new HQ . While we’re doing our best to re-use and scrounge materials to keep costs down, there are some things that we really need to buy or get donated that are beyond our budget. If we can raise $4,000 we can really make this place incredible!
Among our needs are:
  • LED shop lights
  • rubber floor matting
  • primer and paint
  • drywall
  • infrared heaters
  • utility sink
  • steel office door and lockset
  • AC Unit
  • insulation and tile for the ceiling

Every little bit helps. Thank you!

-BikeAthens Board of Directors & Bike Recycling Program Management Council