Bike Friendly Friday–Live from the Capitol!

Week 2

We are writing this post in the almost literal shadow of the US Capitol, as BikeAthens has just finished a week at the National Bike Summit.  Three full days of workshops, networking, learning, laughing, and oh yeah–talking with Georgia Senators and Representatives about the need to continue funding biking and walking in the next multi-modal transportation bill.  We are champing at the bit to return to Athens full of energy and new ideas for how to forward our vision of a comprehensive transportation network everyone can use with confidence and ease.

Attending the summit always exposes us to big ideas–one of the biggest this year was a panel discussion about Vision Zero.  Vision Zero is a policy and a fervent belief that all traffic fatalities are preventable–that all traffic fatalities and serious injuries can be eliminated and that no level of traffic deaths is acceptable. The Bike Summit Panel included representatives from Philadelphia, San Francisco, Sand Diego, and New York City; but the rapt audience proved that many cities are interested in Vision Zero Policies.

Leah Shahum, the Director of the Vision Zero Network, leads a panel discussion about Vision Zero policies around the country

Now, one day after the Summit has ended, we are still feeling the rush from all the excitement, but as we continue to advocate for a enhanced, multi-modal transportation network; as we work to move Athens toward a Gold level Bike Friendly Community designation, you may hear us talk more about Vision Zero for Athens.