Barnett Shoals Demo Bike Lane Celebration

Athens-Clarke County is about to start a 30-day trial of the county’s first 2-way protected on-street bike path. Let’s celebrate! Let’s ride it!

Running approximately from Barnett Shoals / Whitehall to Barnett Shoals / College Station, the on-street bike path will create a safe, comfortable connection to the College Station bike lanes and destinations beyond! We’ve heard the on-street bike path will be created this week, so we will ride out there to experience it ourselves this FRIDAY (9.14.18). The ride will start at 6:30pm from BikeAthens headquarters (1075 W. Broad St.) We will have a chill ride out to Barnett Shoals vis the Firefly Trail and the new greenway sections. For Eastsiders: we should be onsite by 7:00pm. Before riding the new on-street bike path, we will briefly stop to talk about the benefits of the potential new section, how it works, and how it ties into larger plans for biking and walking. Route map will be published ASAP.