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Our last bike map update came out in 2010. For a while, we did not update the map because there were not enough new projects to justify printing. More recently, a spate of construction has significantly expanded the miles of bike lanes and paths in Athens-Clarke County. While we work on creating a new hard-copy […]

Rare Editorial

As the discussion of how to provide safe bike access to the area around Chase St. drags into its fourth year, here is a rare editorial from our executive director. Yes, it is a long read. But this a complex issue with real stakes, for real people. We believe there is a place for nuanced, informed […]

July Joy Ride: Light Up the Night

It is the height of the summer: time to Light Up the Night! This month (July 27 @ 8:15pm), we’ll host our annual Joy Ride / Night Ride! Bonus: we are teaming up with the Athens Cultural Affairs Commission to promote the unveiling of a new bicycle inspired public art piece in Dudley Park! The […]

Protected Bike Lanes on Barnett Shoals!?

NOTE: BikeAthens is a founding member of Complete Streets Athens. This is adapted from one of their recent facebook posts. We are sharing it because on July 12, ACC Transportation & Public Works is hosting a public meeting about the Barnett Shoals designs. July 12 5:00pm-8:00pm at Firehouse #7 (2350 S. Barnett Shoals Road, Athens, GA 30605). […]

BikeAthens Talks Vol. 2

For Vol. 2 of our semi-regular series of conversations, BikeAthens Board Member Carmen Kuan talks with Executive Director Tyler Dewey about her experience at the 2018 National Planning Conference, particularly about panel discussions on planning for the ADA; Local Control, and Vision Zero. They also talk about New Orleans and cheese. Policy nerds enthusiasts will enjoy this […]

FYOB Night Goes to 11

May is Bike Month and it’s time to celebrate! In honor of one of our favorite months of the year, special musical guests will return for every Fix Your Own Bike Night in May. We already have 4 guest DJs lined up. But wait! There’s more! We will also have a mystery Kindercore Vinyl Night […]

Jon Skaggs Named 2018 Tobias Smith Volunteer of the Year!

On April 19th, Board Chair Jason Perry presented Jon Skaggs with the 2018 Tobias Smith Volunteer of the Year award.  Here is the speech Jason gave to mark the occasion. “In 2014 BikeAthens lost our young friend Tobias Smith, whose enthusiasm and grace were a bright light in our Bike Recycling Program workshop. In his […]

Stop the Blame Game

There is a persistent myth that people on bikes are at fault for crashes. It is untrue. The so-called “scofflaw cyclist” is a mirage of anecdotal frustration. In Athens-Clarke County, drivers are found at fault for the majority of crashes involving people on bikes or people walking. The scofflaw as scapegoat obscures the tragic fact […]

Athens in Motion, Almost Finished

After some news stories last fall*, we’ve been quiet in regards to the Athens in Motion Plan (AiM). The plan consultants, Toole Design Group, have used all the public feedback, added a few scoops of quantitative data, and whipped up a Draft Network Plan. Toole also presented their first thoughts about their Safety, Education, & […]