BikeAthens and COVID-19

Dear BikeAthens friends,

In order to keep you and our crew safe, we are closing the BikeAthens shop to the public until further notice. Bikes and the tools we use to work on them are very hands-on, so we think this is prudent in order to minimize the possibility of virus transmission.

We will continue to work behind the scenes to ensure our clients — some of the most vulnerable in our community — are getting the help they need. We will take precautions to keep ourselves and our clients safe.

If you are in need of emergency service please call us at (706) 249-9550 and we will do our best to help you.

Fix Your Own Bike on Thursdays is suspended. We are also canceling all classes in March and the Joy Ride on the 27th. The Firefly Ticket to Ride has been cancelled so we will not participate in the associated events.

If you have bikes to donate, please either hold off or bring them to the Athens-Clarke County CHaRM for us to get later.

Finally, this time of year is usually a big opportunity for us to raise operating funds through bike sales. We are probably going to take a serious hit this year, like many businesses and workers in Athens. If you have the means, please help us out at

From all of us at BikeAthens, be safe.